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Dr. Life, as the name reflects, would like to insure the healthy well-being of you and your acquaintances. Our company’s staff is experienced in multiple diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and can be easily accessed online. Everyone can benefit from our online services whether they have a recurring issue or a new developing health concern. This can shine a light onto possible diagnoses and can help us develop a personalized program to help win back your health.

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As we expressed on the “Healing as a Profession” page, there isn’t just one product or group of products, but a personalized variety of therapies to benefit your health. There is no universal template. Everyone’s situation is unique and so are their attributes. Based on that, we create a personal treatment program. First and foremost, we must make a proper diagnosis, because we aren’t trying to treat the symptoms. Instead, we try to find the root cause and eradicate it.

It is necessary to fill out a diagnostic form and take a portrait photo as well as a picture of each eye. Thanks to modern technology, these items can be sent to Dr. Life with a few clicks. After that you can receive your diagnosis quickly. Upon receiving the diagnosis, you may choose to utilize our therapeutic service. Upon creating your program, we will take into account your lifestyle and living situation. Once a plan is set, the real work can begin. We will carefully monitor your progress by evaluating your weekly submitted form. During treatment we request bi-weekly photos of your face and each eye so that we can modify the treatment if necessary.

Art of Healing

Healing is nothing more than restoring an imbalanced body and soul to its natural harmony. Whether we’re talking about physical or emotional problems, it is important to deal with both to provide appropriate treatment. There are many forms of therapy that exist – some from thousands of years ago and some from today. However, all these therapies share the same goal. They all attempt to restore your body’s natural functions. There are products that one may use continuously in order to restore function. However, this isn’t a permanent solution. You have to find the right kind of procedure that helps restore function. Also, the most effective procedure should “teach” the body to continue to restore these functions – even after treatment.

Every person functions in her/his own unique way. Every practitioner in this field of work realizes this over time. Different fields of training in health and wellness may teach a specific schema for an ailment, but unfortunately this approach neglects the unique qualities behind how every individual person’s health and well-being works. It has to be recognized that every case must be handled in a more wholistic fashion than what is written in a textbook. This means that one form of therapy usually isn’t enough. It is possible that the answer lies within a combination of treatments. Similar to how a musician must learn notes and harmonies to write a symphony, the musician must thoughtfully combine these notes and harmonies to produce a symphony.


Our company has developed a unique diagnostic system. With some data and photographic documentation, we can assess issues remotely. Therefore, the healing potential of Dr. Life can be accessible in all countries.

The right diagnosis is 80% of a therapy’s success. Our outstanding results are due to accurate diagnoses. One of the diagnostic methods we use is an iris diagnostic. This is a quick, painless procedure. However, it provides a comprehensive picture of the whole body’s condition. Certain patterns and anomalies in an iris can signal issues occurring in a patient’s major body systems. The eye is not only the window to the soul but to the body as well.

A well-trained specialist is able to perceive the processes in the body from tiny signs in aniris. For example, the condition of the vascular system can be determined by cardiovascular, circulatory problems, lymphoid and immune system conditions, bone, muscle, joints, tapeworm injuries, internal organs, problems with the hormone, nervous system functioning and so on.

It is therefore possible to know where apatient’s symptoms come from and what causes them through this painless and quick diagnosis.

As a result of the above, the personalized treatment plan can prove to be extremely efficient.

In order to take the next steps towards your health and wellness, please fill out the diagnostic form below.

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Dr. Life’s mission is to help heal as many people as we can. When you have the tools, know-how, and experience to heal, it becomes a duty to bring healing to anyone who seeks it. We work remotely to break down any barriers to the path of healing and sustained good health. We also make this happen through our remote therapists throughout the world.

Feel free to contact us to take your first steps towards healing and well-being.

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